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Meet Pastor Carl and Linda Kemp

carlandlinda-152.jpg (8617 bytes)Pastor Carl and Linda Kemp were both born in Wellsville, NY and attended School in Belmont, NY together, graduating in 1967. High School sweethearts, they married in 1965 and now have four children, Carl Jr; Louise; Vic; and Roy. Their son Roy is also currently serving the Lord as a Pastor with the Evangelical Methodist Church (EMC).

Saved at the age of 30, Pastor Carl and his wife Linda began attending the Knights Creek Church in 1980 under the Godly teaching of Rev. Clem Russell.  Four years later Carl was approached by Pastor Russell who affirmed God's call on Carl's life to train for the pastorate. Carl obediently began his pastoral studies with the EMC. In the mean time Carl was called as the pastor at Knights Creek and licensed on trial by the EMC. While Satan was constantly sowing discouragement, telling Carl that he would fail in his courses, God's Grace was greater and Carl overcame the enemy's discouragement. On April 26th, 2000 Carl was Ordained an Elder/Pastor with the EMC and installed as the Pastor of the Knights Creek Evangelical Methodist Church.

Over the years Pastor Carl and Linda have seen God do many great works in their lives, not the least of which was Carl's Divine healing from life threatening liver disease. If you'd like to know more about this Godly couple, drop them a note at They'd love to hear from you.

Pastor Carl's Sermon Notes Archives

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